In Memory

John Andrews

John Charles "Johnny" Andrews, Jr., 55, of Crawfordsville, FL died on Saturday, January 25, 2002 in Crawfordsville, Florida.

A memorial service was at New Life Christian Fellowship officiated by the Rev. Tom Kinder. Johnny’s burial followed at the Rowland Cemetery in Rowland.  At his burial service, a Marine Honor Guard laid Johnny to rest,  played Taps and presented his family with a U.S. flag.

Johnny was born November 15, 1946 in Dillon, SC, then later moved to Laurinburg, where he grew up.

Johnny graduated from Laurinburg High School where he was recognized for his athletic ability, which was especially strong in football.

After joining the US Marines, Johnny went on to serve two tours in Vietnam and returned as a disabled veteran.

Johnny received a BA degree from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and a Masters degree in Education from Florida University.  He was a poet, songwriter, and a high school teacher in the GED department.

He was survived by two brothers, Ernie Andrews of Holden Beach and Eddie Andrews; two sisters, Dee Andrews Bartell of Laurinburg and Leona Andrews Glass of Raleigh.