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09/24/09 07:53 PM #1    

Darrel Doré

Welcome to the Laurinburg High School Class Of 1965 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/07/10 09:59 PM #2    

Dianne Dunn (Kolb)

I was not able to go to the reunion because of illness in the family.  Did anyone take pictures at the reunion?  Maybe they can be posted on Face Book.

Dianne Dunn Kolb

08/11/11 07:27 PM #3    


Dianne Gibson (Mitchum)

Hi classmates, so glad i found this website, courtesy of my friend Diane sorry that i did not make the reunion due to illness, sure hope there is another one soon..would love to re-connect with dear friends ((HUGS)) Dianne Gibson Mitchum

02/25/15 08:51 AM #4    

Joel Lea


Thanks for thinking of me at birthday time. I can't go now as I'm still working, unfortunately! Retirement is coming some day, so I would love to go to Spring Training then.



07/17/15 08:04 PM #5    

Archie Paul

Linda Strider White

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LAURINBURG — Linda Strider White, age 68 of Laurinburg passed away at her home on July 17, 2015.

Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Monday at the Richard Boles Funeral Service Chapel with burial following in Laurinburg Memorial Park.

Linda was born March 12, 1947 in Scotland County, daughter of the late John D. and Katie Dickens Strider. She was the loving and devoted wife to the late William T. White Jr. She formerly worked with Eaton Corporation and she was a devoted homemaker. She enjoyed attending Charity Outreach Ministries and loved playing her piano, listening to Elvis and dancing. Linda especially loved spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

In addition to parents and husband, she was also preceded in death by her three sons, William Thomas White, III, Warren Tirrell White and Heath White.

Linda is survived by her sisters, Betty Clark of Lumberton, Ruth Beers of Laurinburg; grandchildren Kristin Schneider, Taryn White, Hayley White, Ty White, Brayden White and great-grandchildren, Hunter, Alanna, Gavin, Madilyn, Caleb and Rylon.

Visitation will be from 6-8 p.m. Sunday at Richard Boles Funeral Service.

07/18/15 01:47 PM #6    


Mary Lou McCormick (Hughes)

My very soul is weeping right now.  Linda was such a beautiful person and loyal friend.  Linda may you rest forever in the arms of Jesus.  There is a void on earth right now but I'm sure heaven is rejoicing.

Your friend for eternity


11/17/15 08:29 AM #7    

Archie Paul

Enjoyed the 50th reunion and was glad to see so many attending. I saw some I hadn't seen in 50 years.
I told Jane Marie that I hope we can do it again in 25 years.
Some folks never seem to change, which isn't a bad thing. GOD Bless you all.

11/17/15 01:50 PM #8    

Larry Morgan

Well said, Archie!  I posted a message under Jane Ivey (Adams') comments; was probably not the best place, but I did want to thank the committee.  I sure hope we can do another one before too many years pass.  Has anyone got an update on Milton?

11/18/15 09:55 AM #9    

Dan Dean



I heard from Melanie, Milton's wife, yesterday. She said that Milton is still in the hospital, but they hope to move him to a long term care hospital soon for further recovery.

She also said that they had received Larry Horne's shadowbox/collage (that Janice Liles, the winner of the drawing, graciously mailed to Milton), and that Milton has very much enjoyed looking at it. They were very grateful for Janice's kindness.

Melanie also said that she was planning to post something on the class website to let everyone know how Milton is doing. 

That is all that I know for now.

Thanks again to all of you who came for the reunion!  We had a wonderful time. In fact, we think it was one of the best ever, if not the best!!

By the way, we ended up with some extra copies of the picture of the Scotsman and the shadowbox/collage. If anyone who was here forgot to pick up their copy, and would like to have one, let me know and I will mail it to them when I mail the group picture to everyone.

Early Happy Thanksgiving greetings to everyone!

Go Scots! (They were victorious last Friday in the first round of the state playoffs)

Dan (and Ellen) 





















































































































11/18/15 01:23 PM #10    

Larry Morgan


Thanks very much for your update!  Again, thanks to Ellen, you, and the committee for all your efforts!!

11/18/15 04:13 PM #11    

Nan McDonald (Turner)

I am so sorry that I missed this reunion. I am in Central Asia for six weeks visiting my son and his family. This is the first one that I have missed. I know everyone had a good time. Loved seeing the class picture.

11/19/15 07:46 PM #12    

Don Harvell

Sorry I missed the 50th class reunion. It's a long way from Riverside, Ca. to Laurinburg, N.C. and with my wife, Barbara, still teaching it was just not feasible to make the trip for the weekend......However, the good news....Barbara is retiring in June so as we have future reunions it will be much easier to attend. Really looking forward to renewing old friendships and finding out what everyone has been doing. Warm regards.

12/09/15 09:15 PM #13    

Sandra Meares (Ray)

Hi to everyone!

The pictures from the reunion are great and make me so sad that I couldn't be there to see all of you.  Moving to Mississippi to be near our son was one obstacle, but looking after my mom was the main reason I couldn't make the trip.  I hope that more pictures will be sent to Darrel to post.  Till next time, my sweet friends. I miss you. 

Love to you,

01/04/16 03:25 PM #14    

Larry Morgan

Condolences go to Milt's family.  He will be remembered as a positive influence to anyone around him!!  The only time I saw him "negative" was when he would get pissed off because he couldn't master the pool table like he did the baseball diamond!!  :)   We used to kid with him about having a "screw loose" when he would run thru the line with his head down (when we were playing sandlot football against St. Andrews!!!).  RIP, Miltie!!!

12/24/16 10:41 AM #15    

Archie Paul

Has anyone heard from J.C. Holding. I lost his number and between myself and Diane W. Graham we have tried every number for him and his son Greg we can find to no avail.
If anybody has a number or address, I'd appreciate it.

12/25/16 04:31 PM #16    

Don Harvell

I too have lost contact with J.C. I hope someone has some information. I'm sure most people don't know, but J.C. and I were born the same day in the same hospital in Bennettsville, S.C.  A few hours after we were born the nurses got us mixed up.....I was taken to J.C.s moms room and he was taken to my moms room. The dads had no clue , but I remember the moms used to talk about they knew right away. So we shared birthday parties for a number of years....a times close to the same girlfriends.....even both ended up retiring from the USAF. Oh the memories abound.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a healthy, joyous New Year. God Bless.


01/30/19 01:36 PM #17    

Hilda Bowyer (Roberts-Freeman)

Thanks to Archie Paul for sharing this information.
Rhoda Riemer

Rhoda Riemer
November 9, 1924 - January 13, 2019
Pawleys Island, SC
Rhoda Riemer has passed away at The Lakes of Litchfield in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Born to Jack and Stella Lipschulz on November 9, 1924, Rhoda is predeceased by her beloved husband, Arthur, and a brother, Sidney Loren. Survivors include two sons, Robert Riemer (Arlene) and Gary Riemer (Cilla) and one daughter, Joan Riemer Lackey (Eli); four grandchildren, Michael Riemer, Jay Riemer, Jonathan Riemer and Adam Riemer (Carri); and three great granddaughters, Rachel, Olivia and Sutton, as well as numerous nieces and nephews.
Rhoda married Arthur in 1943 and they were totally devoted to each other for 72 years. A native of Michigan, Rhoda and Arthur raised their family in Marlboro County, South Carolina. As a newcomer to the South, she embraced her new environment and enjoyed raising her family in a small town. A life-long learner, Rhoda went back to school, earning a bachelor's degree and graduating second in her class. Rhoda taught high school Spanish for many years. This joyous time included several trips to Mexico to study and enhance her Spanish skills.
Rhoda jumped at any opportunity to travel and many hours were spent "planning the next trip." In their last twenty-five years, Arthur and Rhoda took yearly visits to their favorite country, France, where they reconnected with French family and friends they had made through the years. Rhoda's loves of art and culture were always quenched with these frequent trips abroad.
This woman had an insatiable yearning for knowledge and learning about new things and places. Always very curious, she spent her life in search of this knowledge by constantly reading and having numerous political discussions with anyone who was game. With her gorgeous blue eyes, Rhoda was a beautiful lady who was the epitome of class. She was always an excellent hostess who loved to entertain both friends and family. You could always expect great gourmet food at Rhoda's table.
A graveside funeral service will be held at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 in the Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery, 900 Church St., Florence, SC.
The family would like to thank the staff of the Lakes of Litchfield for all their devoted care to Rhoda in the last few years of her life.
In lieu of memorials, donations in Rhoda's honor may be made to any Hospice organization.
An online Guestbook can be found at

12/07/21 11:00 AM #18    

Mary Stearns (Tuley)

December 7, our classmate Mike Bullard's birthday and a day that has lived in infamy, as Franklin Roosevelt predicted. I can hardly remember my own birthday, yet I never forget Mike's.
As soon as Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, killing 2403 unsuspecting Americans and injuring 1178 others, sinking four Navy battleships and damaging four others, as well as three cruisers, three destroyers, and one minelayer, eradicating 188 aircraft and crippling 159 -- as soon as that crime against humanity occurred, ordinary people throughout our country immediately rushed to our defense. They volunteered for military service. They rationed, recycled, stayed at home, and did without. They wrote letters and letters and letters that would be censored and arrive very late, if at all. They planted Victory Gardens. The went to work in airplane factories. They endured blackouts and heartbreaking memorial services. They had faith. Ordinary people began doing all of these things immediately, and they continued doing them for five years.
I'm not at all sure that America would rush to defend itself today. Such a hassle. Such an inconvenience. Such a wearying display of patriotism and devotion.
Yet I'll be stepping outside at 1:00 this afternoon to turn my face to the flag, remember the day that has lived in infamy, and celebrate the life of our classmate Mike Bullard. Maybe he'll be outside too, turning his face to the flag and remembering.

12/07/21 04:26 PM #19    

Larry Morgan

Mary Kay,

Wow!  What a wonderful message to remind us all!!  And you are right.....a response today would come from a different America than we were so blessed to grow up in!!

Thank you, 


12/08/21 07:44 AM #20    

Archie Paul

Thanks for the reminders Mary. Today we have so many brainwashed citizens that many would stand on the beach welcoming our enemies because they have been trained since birth to despise this the greatest nation ever devised by man.
I have a spotlighted flag in my yard that reminds me each day and night that I was Blessed to be born in the USA and by the Grace of GOD I was born and raised in the South. I am saddened to think our children and grandchildren will never know the USA we grew up in all those years ago.
Happy Birthday Mike and GOD Bless the USA again.

12/08/21 12:09 PM #21    

Mary Stearns (Tuley)

My thanks as well to Larry and Archie for their kind remarks.  Every day is the right time to recall the rarefied place where we grew up.  I never fully realized how lucky we were!  We weren't any better than anybody else, but life was wide open to us.  

12/08/21 12:29 PM #22    

Peggy Wyatt (Wallace)

I married a vet, and we have always flown a flag over our home.  He has been gone for more than three years, but I continue the custom - our flag always flies.  


12/09/21 05:08 PM #23    

Darrel Doré

Late to the party here.....Or of the BASIC problems that exist today in most schools is that basic CIVICS is not taught. Our next generations do not understand the power of our votes or how rights were won or how our government was designed to work.

Apathy and ignorance are our worst enemies.

We have left governing to a small fraction of our population. I work on registration and get out the vote and voting machine functioning in each election but these very fundamentals need more citizens involved.

12/10/21 10:42 AM #24    

Mary Stearns (Tuley)

Thank you for fighting the good fight, Darrel.  I try so hard to introduce my grown students to the notions of civics and civilized behavior.

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